moscow dating sites free “Jose from majestic detailing came to my job a couple of months ago. I really like how through he is in a very way. My mustang gt hadn’t gotten a wash in a while, so I really needed someone to come and wash it. I searched everywhere until I found Jose. I would really recommend him for anyone who needs a spectacular job done. He now recommended me to get my car paint corrected from all the swirls and scratches other car washes had made. I will never trust anyone else but Jose!”

- Adrian H.

st. marys gay hookup sites Rancho Santa Margarita “I have been looking for a proper detailing service for a long time. I found Jose and the Majestic team a couple of months back on google. Saw some of his work and called him up. We made an appointment like two weeks ago to wash my Tesla model 3. I didn’t have any expectations and what type of service he was going to do. I am very picky so Jose double checked his work and made my Tesla shine like no other. Soon we will be doing a ceramic coating and paint correction to take out dealership marks it has. Very excited and looking forward to seeing Jose soon”.  

- Daniel H.